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Jason Schmitt is the editor of, the high school sports website for The Oakland Press. He has served as the sports editor for a number of newspapers, including the Daily Tribune in Royal Oak and the Macomb Daily in Mount Clemens. In his time in the industry, he has covered every high school sport and has served a a beat writer for boys and girls soccer, boys and girls tennis, hockey, wrestling, bowling and cross country.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Check it TOUT - our new way of sharing videos with you

This is our MIPrepZone Tout widget,
located on the right hand side of all pages
If you haven't noticed, we've made a big push with our use of social media over the past year at The Oakland Press and MIPrepZone. We love to engage all of you on Twitter. We've got our Facebook page. Each of our staff writers dabble with Google+.
But recently we've made a push with Tout. To simplify it, it's like Twitter (with video). We are able to give you a glimpse of the athletes, the teams, up close, in your face. Like Twitter, we'll be able to update you on the latest stories, on the latest action from high school sporting events. But unlike Twitter, we'll be able to bring it to you via videos. We have a MIPrepZone account. All of our prep staff writers (Jason Schmitt, Keith Dunlap, Drew Ellis, Dave Pemberton, Matthew B. Mowery and Marvin Goodwin) have Tout accounts. We'll be out at events throughout the school year. We'll have our cameras ready. And we're ready to give you more of what you want.
Sound like a commercial? Yeah, it kind of does. But we're really excited about it. It's really easy to use. And that's the best part about it. Not only is it something we're able to do. But all of our readers (YOU) can participate, too. In fact, we're hoping you will. We want to share your videos to all of our MIPrepZone viewers. Download the Tout app to your phone and check it out. Tout to us with the hashtag #MIPrepZone. Your Tout video will appear in our Tout widget on all pages on (see the widget above). Or if you'd rather just view our videos, bookmark our Tout home page or view our videos via our widget.
Below is a look at our MIPrepZone Tout home page. We've got 96 Tout videos up, ready to be viewed. And we're just getting started. Just wait until the football action kicks in this weekend - beginning tonight on the football field. If you have any questions about, please do not hesitate to tweet to us @MIPrepZone or email us at Together, we can make this work - BIG TIME!

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