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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tomorrow's D(an)-Day for OLSM football coach

It never ceases to amaze me how good a game Orchard Lake St. Mary's assistant football coach Dan Gheesling is playing on CBS's Big Brother 14. The former winner (of Big Brother 10), who originally entered the game as a coach - but was later injected into the game as a player - is on the verge of becoming the reality show's first repeat winner.
He's down to the final three with Danielle, a player he originally coached, and Ian, who is the youngest player in the house and the most knowledgeable contestant I've ever seen. Dan has lied to everyone in the house this summer at one point or another. He has backstabbed a few of the same players he will be lobbying votes from on Wednesday night in the season finale.
Dan and Danielle from Big Brother 14. (Photo courtest of
Yet his shear brilliance as a game player and manipulator is shining through just as all of America has all but given up on his chances to win over the jury when he ends up in the final two. He and Ian will compete in a live competition Wednesday night, with the winner earning Head of Household honors. That person can elect to take who he wants to the final two, where a jury of seven evicted houseguests vote for a winner.
Again, he has directly backstabbed three people currently in the jury house and potentially a fourth (Danielle - in a back-door king of way). But he continues to work his magic on the last two people in the house. And even though he's in total control, he's now backing off and playing the "woe is me" card. He's totally playing the final two contestants.
It's brilliant game play and he's putting himself into a position where even his most hated rivals may have no choice but to respect what he has done to get where he is in the game. Just like in Season 10, he has slithered his way through so many tough spots that one has to wonder just how he does it. It's like that mouse that's cornered, but somehow gets through the crack in the wall that's two centimeters wide.

Good luck to Dan. The season finale is Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. on CBS.

(DISCLAIMER: This is a game show. There are no rules against lying or backstabbing. Everyone lies to everyone else at some point. Dan's just better at it than anyone - perhaps anyone who's ever played the game before)

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