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Jason Schmitt is the editor of, the high school sports website for The Oakland Press. He has served as the sports editor for a number of newspapers, including the Daily Tribune in Royal Oak and the Macomb Daily in Mount Clemens. In his time in the industry, he has covered every high school sport and has served a a beat writer for boys and girls soccer, boys and girls tennis, hockey, wrestling, bowling and cross country.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Football rules

OK, so a blog is a spot where people can voice their opinions. Like I stated in my Clarkston blog (below), as a journalist you must be objective. Tell the story. "Just the facts, maam."
People always say to me, while I'm on assignment, 'why do you always cover football?' Or, 'why do you always cover basketball?' Or, a more direct question I get is, 'why don't you cover more (insert sport here)?'
Well, like any business, it's a matter of supply and demand. Football sells, and it sells well. In the winter season, basketball is big business. If you have a buyer (or audience in our case), you have to supply more of the product. It's that simple.
So, that leads me to this, a question I have for anyone who reads this blog: Why is it that followers of "lower profile" sports don't have quite the passion of those who follow football, or basketball? I mean that with all due respect. I cover high school tennis here for the paper and put a great deal of effort into my work, be it feature stories or videos. I played high school tennis, and coached it while in college. So I love the sport. I'd love to see it get more attention. I'd love to give more of my time to covering more matches/tournaments, and do more feature stories.
But as editor for, I must balance my time appropriately. I have to give a greater amount of my time to football. It sells. It sells really well.
I produce a tennis story/video and I get the player(s), their coach and mom and dad reading it, maybe some relatives or friends. I produce a football video/show and I get player(s), coaches, moms, dads, family and friends, neighbors, the entire community and even their rivals and other opponents checking in to read/watch the piece.

It's that simple. So spread the word, share the stories (via Facebook or Twitter, or email the link around). Give me/us a reason to cover your sport more. It really is that simple.


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