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Jason Schmitt is the editor of, the high school sports website for The Oakland Press. He has served as the sports editor for a number of newspapers, including the Daily Tribune in Royal Oak and the Macomb Daily in Mount Clemens. In his time in the industry, he has covered every high school sport and has served a a beat writer for boys and girls soccer, boys and girls tennis, hockey, wrestling, bowling and cross country.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hold on just a second, Koz!

OK, time to defend the sport I cover. The all-knowing Kosmo made a statement in Tuesday's paper AND ONLINE that girls soccer is the most successful sport in Oakland County, regardless of season. Huh-hem ... hem (That's a cough, trying to get his attention).
OK, so maybe I'm a little biased towards tennis because I played the sport in high school. Maybe I'm a little more "In-the-know" than some because I cover both the boys and girls. Don't get me wrong. Girls soccer in this county has been tremendously successful. And who knows, by the time I get done writing this blog, the numbers may back that up. But let's not forget about hockey, or boys or girls swimming. What about football, lacrosse or golf?
SO, because I'm a numbers guy. I figured maybe I could do a little research and toss out a few numbers. So what I decided to do was go back to through the archives and see which sports have achieved a high amount of success. I counted up the number of championships in each sport, along with the number of runner-ups.
And I started with the year 2003 (10 years ago). Here's what I found out:

Sport - championships - runner-ups
Girls Tennis 15-12
Girls soccer 15-12
Boys tennis 9-16
Hockey 15-4
Football 8-11
Girls swimming 12-6
Boys lacrosse 11-7
Girls golf 6-10
Boys soccer 9-6
Girls lacrosse 7-7
Boys swimming 6-8
Baseball 6-6
Girls basketball 8-1
Boys track 5-4
Boys X-C 5-3
Volleyball 3-5
Girls cheer 6-1
Gymnastics 4-3
Girls X-C 5-1
Boys golf 4-2
Wrestling 3-3
Girls track  2-4
Boys skiing 2-4
Girls skiing 3-2
Softball 2-3
Boys bowling 3-1
Boys basketball 3-0
Girls bowling 2-1

  • There are eight divisions in football, four in most other sports, save for hockey and swimming (three each). Lacrosse has just two divisions, and began MHSAA play in 2005. Cheer went from three to four divisions in 2007. Bowling began MHSAA sanctioned play in 2006.
  • Girls tennis and hockey, along with girls soccer, led the way with overall championships. Girls tennis averages 1.5 state titles per year, while hockey is also at 1.5. Girls soccer nets 1.4 championships per year - with a distinct possibility of adding to that this year, with six teams still alive heading into the semifinals.
  • Per opportunity, boys and girls lacrosse are the most successful. Thanks to Brother Rice, 11 of the 16 (almost 3 out of every 4) boys' tate titles have come from Oakland County. Nearly half (7) of the girls champions reside here. Birmingham United has four of them, Sacred Heart the other three.
  • Of the 1,019 possible MHSAA team championships, 179 have been won by Oakland County teams. Another 141 teams have finished runner-up. About one in every three state finalists comes from this county. 
  • But what is actually most impressive is that every sport - all 28 - has been won by a county team at least twice.
  • The team (school) with the most team titles is Brother Rice lacrosse, with eight. Country Day girls tennis, Novi girls soccer, Mercy swimming, Country Day boys soccer and Cranbrook hockey have five each. Catholic Central hockey, Groves girls swimming, Birmingham United girls lacrosse, Country Day girls basketball and Marian soccer have four apiece.
To cast your vote for what sport you think is the county's best, go to MIPrepZone and look on the right side for our poll.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Madison Heights Bishop Foley girls soccer has 12 girls soccer state championships, the most in the state for any school or sport. The 2012 team is in the state semi's tonight.

June 13, 2012 at 8:54 AM 
Blogger Jason Schmitt said...

Anonymous ...

I agree. Foley soccer (all time) is among the best. Throughout the 90s, it dominated. In fact, I covered a couple of the state championship teams in the early 2000s. The 1999-2001 teams (two championships) were stacked with talent.
But for the record, I only went back 10 years in talking about the county's best sports. Also for the record, take a drive over to Grosse Pointe Woods University Liggett and look in their tennis trophy case.
The boys tennis team has won 24 state titles, including 13 in a row from 1972-84. The girls tennis team has won 22 titles, including 10 in a row from 1980-89 and nine in a row from 1994-2002.
The East Grand Rapids boys swim team has 24 titles as well (15 in a row from 1948-62)
Also, the Cranbrook boys tennis team has won 18 state championships, including 14 out of 15 from 1980-94. Hamtramck also won 18 boys tennis titles, from 1949-69.

June 13, 2012 at 2:08 PM 
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